Monday, 15 October 2018

Dorset Old Parsonage Ben Pentreath.

Bible of British Taste
Littlebredy is an enchanting estate village at the head of the Bride Valley, bought in 1797 by the Williams family who, in the first decades of the 19th century, set about creating a model village to the west of Bridehead House.

Met at the Old Parsonage by architectural and interior designer Ben Pentreath and his florist husband, Charlie McCormick, a private tour of the carefully restored house and garden, in its extraordinary setting on the edge of the narrow valley, is followed by a visit to the church, lake and village.
"In Dorset, we rent an old parsonage in an idyllic position in a south-facing valley.
When I was young, the house was rented by my best friend’s parents, so it was a weird experience rediscovering rooms I knew well as a child, two decades on." /Ben Pentreath/

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